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Posted on 02-26-2015

                                                                                           February 26, 2015

Tom: I met a new friend yesterday.  She had a very nice lap to sit on.  She is a friend of mom/authority person.  I hear that she is also a veterinarian.  Actually they seem to be really nice people, vets, at least those that I have met.  They really seem to care for us, and have a soothing aura.  I think that another of my favorite people is coming back this weekend.  I always abandon mom's lap for her's.  

Kit Kat: Ya, the friend was here a couple of times.  She remembered my name, that's always a plus.  It has been great here at the clinic.  There have been several birthdays lately.  I have been able to sneak out some cheese from the meat tray that they authority figures are eating from.  Also frosting is tasty.

Oh, I also have a new bed that I can stretch out in and be safe and covered.  It is marvelous.  Molly has one too, she doesn't like to share, so I am happy to have one of my own.

Big Black Kitty:  I tried some frosting last night also.  It was tasty.   

I have figured out the cat door.  I still would prefer if mom would let me out herself.  Maybe I'll catch some mice.  I don't know.  Things need to normalize first.  The other person of which you speak is coming down.  I like her, she is great.

Professor:  I'm still scared of that person.  

I must tell you though of my brave deeds lately.  There is a stray cat that has been hanging around my kingdom.   He wants to come in, I think.  I know that mom does not want this, so I have been standing sentinel and scaring him away.  I am quite tough now, you know.  And being bigger than he is...

I found the best thing on mom's pants the other night.  It is a loop that springs back when you pull on it. I was trying to eat it or pull it off or...  It was great fun.

It is almost time for my nighttime explorations, my food, treats and attention.

Tom:  Yes, it is one of my favorite parts of the day.  I have been coming up in the mornings, upstairs, to try and get more attention.   So far if I meow and stare at the authorities long enough, I get my way.

Signing off till next time.

Tri-Sarah-Hops (aka Sarah) said:

Hey all, my mom just got home (the friend of your mom that visited whose also a vet) and said that some of ya'll may need some lessons in how to deal with a dog!!! The easiest thing to do, at least in my experience is to ignore them. If that doesn't work, I puff up my tail really big and spit at them. If all else fails, I've found a claw placed precisely in the tip of their nose makes them realize just who the boss really is. I live with three big dogs and this works for me. Course, I've never met a little dog, so you'll have to tell me if the rules are different. Lord knows the way my mom brings home new animals home, I'll probably have to deal with one someday...

2015-02-26 19:44:12

Sarah (aka Tri-Sarah-Hops) said:

Hey ya'll. My mom just got back (the friend you mentioned was there for the birthdays) and she said that ya'll may be having some problems with a dog... I tell you, the easiest way to deal with dogs (at least the big ones, I don't know little dogs) is to ignore them. If that doesn't work, I puff up my tail really big and spit at them. If all else fails, I find that a claw placed precisely on the tip of the nose will teach them whose boss. Course, the way my mom is, she'll bring home a little dog some day so let me know if the rules are different with them, will you?

2015-02-26 19:53:30

Ying said:

Hey you guys! Hello from Washington. Hey, just wanted to fill you in. Sarah has it all wrong with the dog thing. My best friend is a dog. All ya gots to do is wrap your front legs around their neck and hang on... its great fun!!! Sarah thinks she's so smart, but she's not even a year old yet, so really, how smart can she be. Trust me. I play with the dog so much more than even my brother cat (he's a brat). Take care!

2015-02-26 19:57:28

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