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Posted on 03-08-2015

                                                                                                                     March 8, 2015

Big Black Kitty/ Professor:  Interesting comments about how to deal with dogs.  We will have to take those into consideration.   By the way it is nice to know you.  We welcome your impute.  Any friend of mom's is a friend of ours.

Tom:  You know it has been quite lonely around here.  I have been really brave and actually going up stairs.  I hear my mom/authority's voice and I must go up and see her.  Sure there are other authorities about, but you know it is not the same.  I do my best to meow and stare at her.  It sometimes works.  Other times she says things like, "I have to go vaccinate this dog, or see this puppy, or cat, or I have to go and do surgeries..."  I suppose I believe her.  She seems to have less time for me these days.  She tries though.   I actually am talking to some of the other authorities and was brave enough to go into the office with the male Dr. authority, he is scary, walk under his chair, sniff some treats, and walk out again.  Of course mom was there too. 

I am really missing my friend Sister.  Kit Kat has been playing a little with me, but Molly is as grumpy as usual.    Would you like to come and visit?  Please tell mom that I need more attention and love.

Professor: Mom has been pretty tired at home.   However this is good as I can come and get loves and attention from her.  Things seem weird today though.  I came in the house meowing and confused.  Mom told me it was O.K.  and after jumping on the bed and getting attention I felt better.

Big Black Kitty:  I really just wanted fresh water, ice cubes, treats and loves this morning.  Things are about the same,  I think.

You know we would love to come and visit, however we are usually in cages when we do.  This is quite stressful and we may not recognize you as a friend.    Perhaps we could arrange some play dates.

Kit Kat:  I was waiting at the front door this morning.  I was hoping to go outside and eat some grass.  This is a new obsession with me and mom will sometimes let me go out under supervision.  I scared her the other night when I didn't come in.  She had some puppy that she took a pin out of earlier that day, that was outside on a leash.  It was time to go in and I wanted to stay out.  She took the puppy in and then came out calling and calling for me.  I don't know what all the fuss was about.  I knew I wasn't lost.

Tom:  Mom seems to be here earlier today.  I am not sure what is going on.  The other cleaning person is here early too.  I think I have entered the Twilight Zone.

Is your internal clock off too?  What is going on?  Why do they do this to us?

I'm confused, and tired.  I think I'll nap now.

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