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Posted on 03-16-2015

Kit Kat: I just spent the most wonderful time outside.  I have been trying to get the authorities to take me out more.  They make excuses like, it's too late, you can't go outside the front door.  Just because it was almost 10 pm at night.  And I could avoid the cars, I know I could.  Molly went outside too and you know she does seem to be a bit nicer outside.  

I love to eat the grass, explore, roll in the dirt, and smell the fresh air.  Kids still scare me though, and sometimes loud cars.  As long as I stay in my fenced area though I think that I am fine.  I found an interesting box outside.  It smelled like cats.  My mom said that is where Tom use to go in and eat.

Molly: It was nice to be outside.  I gummed some grass.  I did do a little exploring.  It is a bit more scary since I lost my eye many years ago.  

Big Black Kitty: Professor and I have been spending some more time outside lately too.  Mainly at night.  Sometimes we do go out during the day, if mom is home that is.  She was a bit concerned the other night.  When she got home and I was sitting on the front porch.  I hear that I am not suppose to be in the front yard.  

I sure hope that the nice weather keeps on coming.  

Professor: There were 2 dogs in my yard!  I couldn't believe it.  I was not happy.  I decided not to go out, but to watch them from the safety of the kitchen window.  They had better stay away or else!

Tom: hum?  what?  Sorry I have been sleeping .  I did come upstairs this morning tough.   I even let some of the other authorities pet me.  

Mom has found the most delicious, wonderful food.  I love it!  The authorities give me such a hard time, just because I don't eat all the food that they place in front of me.  I mean really, do they like all the food that is placed in front of them?  For now I am happy.  

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