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Posted on 03-24-2015

Kit Kat:  It has been several days now that I have not been outside.  I am having with drawls.  I keep dropping hints like running to the back door whenever someone is heading that way.  Or I have adopted a new meow.  It is one I use when playing with my string or when I'm upset about Molly playing with my string.  What else can I do to let them know what I want?   

I think that the authorities just like to make up excuses.   I can't really believe that it has been "cold", "rainy", "noisy", (as they have been causing earthquakes on the road by my clinic), etc.  I've been a good kitty outside.  I just don't understand it.

Big Black Kitty: I have noticed that sometimes the authorities are a bit selfish.  For example I wanted to go out the other day and mom wouldn't let me.  She had some excuse like she was leaving and wouldn't be back till late.   We have a pet door, why doesn't she just want to leave it open for us?

Professor: Perhaps she is worried about the strays that have been hanging about the house.  Sometimes they like to come in and try to eat our food and drink our water.  I think mom wants to have supervision of who comes in and out.

Molly: I too have been going outside.  Since I am missing teeth, I just gum the grass.  However it is nice to be out.  I forgot how much fun it could be.  I'm still a bit hesitant though, and I think it stresses mom out when both Kit Kat and I are outside.

Tom:  So far my greatest adventures, of late,  have been up to the lab section of the clinic upstairs.  I lived outside for all but the last year of my life.  It can be nice, though it is much better to know that you are safe from the rain, snow, wind, cold, heat, dogs, etc.  and to know for sure that there will always be food and there are not all the strays around.

Not so much today, but I have been feeling a bit lonely.  Also I am trying to hint that I need some different food.  I go up to the food room door and cry.  Why won't the authorities let me in?  I do believe there is a communication barrier going on there.  Kit Kat will play with me.  Molly is a bully.  

Molly: In fairness Tom you have been bulling me too.  And I have been playing with Kit Kat more.  It is not like I am totally antisocial.

Till the next update.

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